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HR Support Course Sampler

At Elevated Talent Consulting, we have developed four unique HR professional development courses to help you navigate through the major functions of Human Resources from writing clear job descriptions to hiring the right person, all the way through reassessing and optimizing existing processes.

Join us for a free 4-week trial of our HIRE, INSPIRE, DESIGN, and ENGAGE Human Resource training courses.

Sign up today and get access to specially curated, expertly crafted content including webinars, podcasts, worksheets, and even LIVE virtual Office Hours with our team of experienced HR professionals.

HR Office Hours : Talent Optimization Foundation

You have a profitable and growing business and are looking to ensure you have all the appropriate HR practices in place. 

You are looking to build a culture that supports your core values while implementing HR systems and practices to reduce risk and increase productivity.  

As part of the HR Office hours, you will receive access to the Talent Optimization Foundation, in this portal, you'll find tools, training and weekly live sessions with seasoned and certified HR Professionals.

Talent Optimization HIRE

Are you looking to create a proven process to hire the best people into each role in your organization based on what the job needs in order to align your business strategy to your business results?

The Talent Optimization Hire Consulting package may be right for your organization.  In a five month engagement you will build the hiring processes and functionality for your organization to hire the right people to the right roles.  This is the secret in aligning your business strategy to your business results. We are a hands on "Do It With You" consultancy that believes in transferring our knowledge into your organization so that you have a well trained staff long after we leave.  In this package you will receive the following throughout this process:

  • Identify your Employee Value Proposition
  • Complete Job Descriptions (5 included)
  • Create Job Assessments (2 included)
    • Including Calibration Meetings with key leadership team.
  • Create Job Ad's that attract the key people you are looking for. (5 included)
  • Create annual recruitment plan with key metrics.
  • Define and train interview teams.
    • Includes Skip Level Interviews
  • How to debrief the interview process with applicant scorecards.
  • Offer Letters (2 included)
  • Pre-boarding Program
  • Orientation Program
  • Onboarding Program
  • 1:1 Weekly Coaching session to problem solve and implement key stages on this process.

Talent Optimization INSPIRE

Inspire is a 4-month engagement that walks through with our clients specifically how managers inspire their team to greatness. This is specifically done through one-on-one conversations, coaching conversations and performance check-ins.

Elevated Leadership Coaching

Welcome to your coaching portal.  

This portal will provide you with additional trainings and material as you build your leadership skills.  Our time in the group coaching program will focus on coaching and supporting you in the current circumstances that are showing up at work.

The tools available here will support you in both the group and 1:1 coaching programs.  

Our group programs provide a safe and supportive environment of 16 people maximum; entrepreneurs, small business professionals or executives/managers with similar challenges, open minded and with a strong desire to grow their business and themselves.  

1:1 coaching allow for you to elevate your self and receive the individual support that you need for where you are right now.

Both programs offer the following for each series of coaching:

  • Total of six (6) one hour coaching calls over a two month period.  You will be emailed the zoom link and dates for your calls. 
  • Self-evaluation tools to keep the momentum in between sessions
  • On demand training of key concepts focused on during the group coaching work including assignments and tools to help you move forward more efficiently in your business and life

Results include:

  • Increased confidence and actions towards hitting key goals
  • Increased goal achievement on key areas of focus
  • Accountability in reaching said goals
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