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Talent Optimization Hire

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Hi ,

Thank you for joining us as you implement hiring practices into your organization that align your business strategy to your business results.  We will be discovering key pieces of your people strategy, hitting the easy button with the Predictive Index tool and creating processes that all you to focus on people!

There are three pathways through our program.  

1) The first is the "Do It For You" pathway.  In this pathway you will be moving through each module and our consulting team will be customizing the templates with you along with the weekly 1:1 session to problem solve with you. 

2) Do It With You - Step by step training and processes - you will customize all of your own processes.  Yet, we will support you each week with our 1:1 session to problem solve with you.

3) Do It Yourself - You just need the tools and are off to the races! WooHoo - We love the self starter.  Congratulations on implementing these processes as you go.

Of course, with all of these packages, you have access to our membership site which provides you with live webinars and office hours every Monday at 1 pm CST for the 5 month period that you are actively in this program.

Planning: Understand the Business Strategy and Business Results

One of the most important pieces to being successful is knowing where you are going AND ensuring that your leadership team is aligned with this plan.  You already have a robust business strategy that is in place for your organization.  The key question, are you meeting your business goals as an organization?  

If that answer is no, I don't know or hmm...  You are not alone.  This module is all about:

  1. Understanding your organizations business strategy as an HR Leader
  2. Understanding how the strategy aligns with the business goals from three key levels
    1. Organizational profitability
    2. Organizational impact
    3. People Strategy 
  3. Understanding that the reason why most organizations do not hit their business  goals is that there is not a people strategy aligned to the business strategy.  (Please see the CEO Benchmarking Report in Lesson 1)
  4. Communicating the business strategy as it relates to the people strategy. 

Bonus: Organizational Culture

Organizational culture - it's a big concept, with a lot of buzz. But what does it really mean? Does it really matter? How do you go about defining the culture of your organization?

We can also add the "Creating an Organization to Thrive" Webinar in here too.

Defining the Role: Job Description

Job Descriptions are written for each position inside of your organization. Think clarity in measurable goals balanced with the skill set, education and physical abilities necessary to do the job.

There is a subtle art to writing job descriptions in a way that inspire your staff, attract the perfect candidate and provide legal protections from various labor laws such as EEOC, ADA and FLSA to name a few.

PI Tool:  

Dream Teams

Behavioral, Cognitive and Job Assessment

Annual Recruitment Plan

Bonus: Interviewing and Hiring 101

Looking to hire a new (or even your first) employee? Here's all you need to know about interviewing and hiring!

Offer: Creating an Offer that Impacts

Included in these lessons is an overall SOP to making the offer and finalizing it with a series of communications that bring the new employee into your organization.  We call this pre-boarding and will continue that conversation in next module.

New Hire Orientation

A job orientation is a process for giving new employees important information about their workspace, equipment, pay, benefits, and dress code. New hires are also introduced to their coworkers during an orientation, which sets them up for success and integrates them into the company culture. - Betterteam.com

Talent Optimization Podcast - Hire

Talent Optimization Podcast - Onboarding

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