HIRE Course - Search: Casting the Net

Have you ever wanted specific training on a topic with templates and step by steps?   


We now have it available for you!  We are listening to your feedback and know that our clients love our HIRE and INSPIRE programs.  Yet, it can be too big of a bite at times.    


We have broken these programs into smaller bit-sized pieces and you will now find them on our website to purchase as a stand-alone offering.

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Search: Casting the Net

Why is it that candidates feel drawn to your organization? Could it be how you talk to them? Where you post your job openings? Or employee referrals?

The answer is yes, to all of those. An expansive recruitment plan is crucial in finding a large amount of solid candidates to fit the role you want to fill. 

That is why in this module, we will be looking at:

  1. Sending the SOS - The heart, head and briefcase
  2. Sourcing candidates - Goals and investments and creating candidate profiles 
  3. Employee Referral - Why they are important and how to create your referral program
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 Course - Search: Casting the Net
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